A wine bottling & wholesale management system

Wine wholesale management has never been so simple.

Vinvat is a wine wholesale management system

Vinvat will help you manage all aspects of wine storage, packaging and wholesale distribution. It has also been developed from the get-go to help you meet the strict regulations and standards in the wine industry.


We cater for all wineries, big and small. If you are a smaller producer or wine wholesaler, a Microsoft Windows-based installation of Vinvat may best meet your requirements. For larger wineries, we offer a web-based solution. Our web-based solution will allow you to deploy the Vinvat across multiple production, packaging and distribution facilities.

An information management system for wineries and wine bottlers.

We have made Vinvat with wine bottlers and wineries in mind. It manages all aspects of wine bottling, distribution and wholesale, from blends, stock, orders and wholesale management, to invoicing, quotations, scheduling, and LIP compliant labels management.

A scalable information system built on a rock-solid foundation

You might be in the office one minute, and at the distillery the next. Vinvat has been developed using structured SQL Server databases and Microsoft's .NET framework to ensure maximum compatibility with your existing IT systems across your entire value chain. This means that no matter where your facilities are, you’ll know Vinvat can keep your data in perfect sync regardless of the scale of your operation.

Features for Wineries

Blending Tools

Our blending tool allows you to manage your blends, allocations and LIPs. Data can be entered manually or imported from third party systems, e.g. Ezy Wine in Australia.

Cellar Operations

Create and manage all cellar operations using workflow-enabled and web-based worksheets. Worksheets are based on user customisable templates.

Samples Management

You have the buyer, but when did you mix the sample and what was the blend. Don’t rely on memory or little notes – throw out those spreadsheets and track it using Vinvat's Trade Samples Request system.

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Features for Bottlers

Wine management

Wine management features for receiving, blending, analysis, additions and cellar operations. Cellar operations may be configured using a user customisable template.

Stock management

Categorise your wines and blends electronically. Vinvat's system gives you an extendible and hierarchical model for organising your wine stock.

Forecasting Tools and Reporting

  • Real time committed stock and material availability reports.

  • Track dry goods and wastages in your supply chain.

  • Production efficiency and productivity analysis.

  • Real time committed stock and material availability reports.

Manage, order, receive and despactch dry goods

Manage, order, receive and dispatch customer supplied and purchased dry goods. Dry goods are managed by batch using a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method to ensure that oldest stock is used first.

Version controlled packaging specifications and bill of materials

Manage your packaging specifications and bill of materials. Vinvat allows you to version control and track these documents over time.


Invoices are created directly from packaging runs to ensure all relevant information is captured without the need for extra data entry. Cellar operations can also be included on invoices.


Supports and generates bar codes and integrates with Excel and email.

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