Kylie Thomas

Office and Admin Manager

It’s no coincidence that Kylie and Guy share the same surname. Kylie has been with Loop since the beginning, and has helped grow the company by filling all the “non-technical” roles until she can be replaced by some-one more skilled. She still claims the roles of office and fiscal management.


Prior to Loop, Kylie worked for various computer resellers in middle management positions. Kylie devotes equal time to raising their family, with 2 boys nearing the end of primary school. She is a member of School Council and takes on many other volunteer positions in the school, community and sports clubs. Some say that Kylie is competitive, but her tennis team are pleased about that. She also likes reading, social walking, gardening and all that other normal stuff. Over the last 15 years she has been honing her skills at traditional fine furniture making, and negotiating with Guy over workshop space.